Jesus and the Loser

Jesus, look at what’s become of me I had it all but now it’s all behind me I trained for the race like they told me to Now I’ve run out of strength and I need you Jesus, I think I’ve lost my way I’m all alone – can’t see the light of day The […]

Dear Future-Me (prose)

Dear Future-Me, I know I’ve written to you before, but nowadays those letters just seem silly. I’ve told you things like what you’d probably be doing by now and I’ve been wrong about almost everything. So this time I’m not going to tell you where I think you’ll be. I prefer some things be left […]

Another kind of love

(based on 1st Corinthians 13) Love is more than Romeo and Juliette And it’s more than Tristan and Isolde Lancelot and Guinevere let’s just forget Because their love is not the kind we should be sold   Let cupid keep his quiver full of arrows closed There’s no more need for making up romance And […]

If only I could speak like you

Forgive me if my words seem dull and empty As if I’ve nothing of substance to say But truly there are thoughts laying dormant within me Words and phrases I’ve not yet learned to convey   But oh how I yearn to speak like you! This language which to you comes so naturally What I’d […]

I know why you didn’t return my call

I know why you didn’t return my call It was the memory you had of it all You thought of the drama, the panic, the pain You decided you didn’t want to go through it again   I know why you didn’t call me back It was a cruel, vicious, intentional attack You remembered how […]

Sleeve-Hearts: Prose

In the psychiatric hospital, you hang out in the common area and, believe it or not, people don’t talk much (least not all at once). In fact, many of them guard their hearts with intensity. Then again, there are many who, like me, just walk in wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Those hearts are […]

I’m so very sorry

I knocked on your door again today Uninvited, unannounced, as is my way But you stoutly turned your back on me And all I could say was, I’m so very sorry   I won a prize just waiting in line It was harmless, I thought; to claim it was fine But her eyes glared at […]


Why can’t I just let it go? Year after year, how I’ve longed to move on! Why the past still hangs on, I just don’t know And the clock goes ’round; the years have gone Abundant broken promises I’ve made And unfinished stories plague my years Sliced like a vein met by a silver blade […]

Stan’s Favorite


God, are you there? Please tell me you’re there! Please tell me you’re there and you can see me; that you love me! God, I can’t seem to get anything right. I’m trying to be obedient and yet at every turn I’m face with obstacles that I just can’t make sense out of. Sometimes it […]

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