Twelve Things I Learned in 2011

I thought about my Christmas / End-of-the-Year blog for this year and I thought maybe I’d do some photo collages and give you a list of things I’ve learned this year. I compiled the list after combing the emails I’d sent to some of you. I used to keep a journal, but lately my friends have been my sounding for any deep thoughts I may have. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not. Nevertheless, here is what I’ve learned this year.



Sometimes emotional pain is vital to creating poetic beauty.


I am not defined by the distorted view other people have of me. Only God and I can truly know what’s inside me.

Fiction is often more powerful than non-fiction. It has a greater capacity to withstand the test of time than any other genre.

To have nothing to lose is to have everything to gain.

The light of the present has the power to illuminate the darkness of the past.

Accept people where they’re at and don’t thrust unreasonable demands upon them.

It’s okay to “break-up” with your psychologist if you like her but she’s no longer meeting your needs.

When sharing the passion you have for your faith, be honest with your friends and respect them. Make sure they know you love them as they are and you have no hidden agendas. Allow them to share their spiritual sides as well.

My best writing comes when I’m completely isolated from friends and family.

If you aren’t happy with your current living situation, remind yourself that it’s only temporary. What’s most important now is survival.

Sometimes it’s going to feel like the entire world is blind to your emotional pain, but don’t lose heart. Love your friends when they cannot love you. You’re likely just as blind to their pain as they are to yours.

Find your self-worth and don’t let anyone diminish it. If you don’t see yourself as worthy of greatness, you’ll never accomplish your goals.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Great list, Clara!

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